Molecular Diagnostics Core Laboratory Services

Jerome Canady Research Institute for Advanced Biological and Technological Sciences and Plasma Medicine Life Sciences are extensively involved in generating a panel of genes specific to cold plasma mediated apoptosis. A unique signature panel of genes assigned to the Canady Helios™ Cold Plasma scalpel will be a molecular diagnostic measure to qualify the Canady scalpels and enable the development of quality medical devices that ensures eradication of cancer.

The objectives of the research include:

  • Quantitative gene expression for ROS and stress mediated apopotic genes.
  • Exosome isolation from Canady Helios™ Cold Plasma isolated human primary tumors.
  • MiRNA analysis.
  • MiRNA profile of cold plasma treated cancer stem cells.

Molecular Diagonstics Objective Chart

Research Services Available – Relative mRNA expression using Q-PCR from primary cells, cell lines and human tumor samples.

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