Microscopy and Cell Biology Core
Laboratory for Plasma Research

  • World’s first provider of plasma research core facilites.
  • Maintenance of wide array of cancer cell lines.
  • Isolation, Expansion, Maintenance and characterization of Human Primary cancer cell cultures from patients.
  • Advanced and novel cell culture techniques to maintain and expand normal and cancer stem cells
  • Characterization of cancer stem cell lines.
  • Selective abrogation of cancer stem cells and propagation of normal stem cells with application towards regenerative stem cell therapy.

Advanced cellular and molecular biology tools and software analysis are employed.

Example: Application of Optogenetic tools in live cell imaging to study the following:

  • Reporter gene activation.
  • Localization of protein and quantification.
  • Migration of cells to measure the rate of velocity.
  • Particle tracking.
  • View signaling pathways, such as apoptotic pathways.
  • Compare the effects of Canady Cold plasma devices.

The core lab is a service provider for outsourced research and collaborators also include:

  • Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Quantitative confocal Microscopy
  • Total Internal Reflection Microscopy – TIRF

Microscopy and Cell Biology Chart

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